We carry out unique experiences in contact with nature that provide experiences and tools applicable to the day-to-day work environment.

The goal is to improve professional’s health and well-being.

We combine the practice of forest bathing and different techniques of connection with nature, with theoretical content using nature as a pedagogical method.

The programs presented can be implemented in modules of 8 hours, independent or consecutive days or in retreats.


If you believe that physical and mental well-being are key to the performance of any professional Instituto de Banhos de Floresta programs are for your team.

Corporate wellbeing programs work transversally:

  • Stress reduction.
  • Increase in the state of positive mood and the feeling of psychological wellbeing.
  • Increase cognitive capacity and concentration.
  • Decrease psychological tension-anxiety.
  • Development of socio-emotional skills, and reinforcement of social relationships.

Together with you we will design an ad hoc program that fits the specific needs of your team.

Nature Based Stress Reduction and Wellbeing (NBSRW)

Nature Based Stress Reduction and Wellbeing (NBSRW) is a program of stress reduction and wellness improvement based on nature connection.

El NBSRW is designed for professional teams to gain tools to prevent:
• The mismatch between the demands and the physical, mental and emotional resources available for stressors.
• Exposure to high and continuous high levels of stress creators of Burnout.
• Factors that generate sadness and depression.

In this program the members of your team:
• Will gain a solid base for the practice of forest bathing.
• Assimilate sensory forms to explore their environment.
• Learn techniques of nature connection.
• They will learn how to overcome personal limitations.

Program of 24 hours divided into 3 modules of 8 hours each.

Nature Based Creative Decision Making (NBCDM)

Nature Based Creative Decision Making (NBCDM) is a program of well-being and empowerment of creative problem solving based on nature connection. 

El NBCDM is designed for teams of professionals to empower:
• Creative capacity to solve problems.
• Cognitive and emotional capacity.
• Critical thinking.
• Feeling of competence.

In this program the members of your team:
• Learn techniques of nature connection.
• Promote routines that support creative thinking.
• They will gain clarity in decision making.

Program of 16 hours divided into 2 modules of 8 hours each.

Nature Based Communication Activation (NBCA)

Nature Based Communication Activation (NBCA) is more than an action of Team Building that, without overlooking the fun, is oriented to stimulate the communication within the team. 

El NBCA is a program that is designed so that teams of professionals:
• Reinforce self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-management.
• Increase the perception of belonging and social relationships.
• Develop social-emotional skills.
• Increase impulse control and disturbing skills.

In this program the members of your team:
• Learn new techniques and ways to communicate.
• Assimilate new group dynamics.

8 hours program to be done in 1-day module.