Book Alex Gesse Sentir el Bosque

Sentir el bosque: La experiencia del shinrin-yoku (baño de bosque):

An invitation to connect with nature: forest bathing.

In this book, the author tells us about twenty experiences of Shinrin-yoku taken from real walks, which may serve as inspiration and illustration of what we can find on a trip to the interior of the forest: a relaxed walk, without haste, without pressure, like an extraordinary pause out of our routine, and that will allow us to rediscover ourselves. In addition, he suggests us ways to find nature: at the office, at home, in the streets of our city ... Where we need it the most.

«All your senses are to be awakened, to connect with the forest, and when they are released, emotions are roused, conversations unfold and a new world arises around you, allowing you to find harmony with the forest and, ultimately, find your inner balance.»

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