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Alex is a Certified Forest therapy Guide. Trainer and Mentor of guides by the European Forest Therapy Institute (EFTI), being one of its founder members. Alex is the founder of the Instituto de Baños de Bosque and the Instituto de Banhos de Floresta de Portugal and collaborated as a consultant specialist in the expert group on Human Health and Well-being to the Forest Europe, Ministerial Conference on the Protection of forests in Europe.

Alex is the author of "Sentir el bosque: La experiencia del Shinrin-Yoku (baño de bosque)", Grijalbo, edited by Penguin Random House Editorial Group.

As opposed to the daily stress of urban life, he facilitates and develops nature connection techniques so that all people can experience the health benefits of natural environments.

He develops programs for companies and organizations in the continuous practice of supporting companies to reduce stress, to prevent Burnout syndrome, to improve the well-being of its collaborators and to stimulate creativity and teamwork. Alex is committed to promoting this practice to support everyone to surpass their established limits and improve their well-being.

Alex developed the KIDS & Forest Program for adolescents at risk of social exclusion, where he worked with different institutions for the young people engagement.

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Alex Gesse

Alex Gesse
Certified Forest Therapy Guide.
Guides Trainer and Mentor

(+351) 966 050 168

Cátia Pereira
Certified Forest Bathing Guide.

Cátia Pereira is a Certified Forest Bathing guide trained by the European Forest Therapy Institute. It is also a guide to mindfull walks and meditation. 

Yoga instructor since 2011, took training at Sivananda Ashram in India and since that date have been dedicated to study, practice is teaching Yoga having returned to India to deepen her knowledge.

Holistic Therapist, with certified training in various therapies such as Ayurvedic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Thai Massage, Thetha healing, among others, has worked and participated in various trainings and workshops in Thailand, India and Australia.

Feeling a deep connection with nature, believes that it is essential to connect to the natural world and thus find a balance, an inner harmony that allows us to live more conscious.

Pedro M. Trindade is a Certified Forest Bathing guide trained by the European Forest Therapy Institute.  

Pedro holds a MSc in Landscape Architecture by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Oporto. He has worked as an intern and collaborated in research in the Schau- und Sichtungsgarten Hermmanshof, in Weinheim, Germany.  

Back in Portugal, he decided to dedicate himself to one of his other passions – dance – teaching and leading several artistic and choreographic projects. 

Passionate for personal growth and the development of health and wellness habits, he decided to create in 2018 his blog Peace of Plant, sharing content on how contact with nature, plants and the art of gardening can be a source of wellbeing in our lives.

Discovering Forest Bathing was something that allowed Pedro to reconcile his several interests, from the contact with public and personal development, to health and wellness habits promotion and environmental protection.

Pedro M. Trinidade
Certified Forest Bathing Guide.